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Specializing in fine Dead Sea Bathing Salts and Delux Epsom Salt for bathing. Pamper yourself with a Dead Sea Mud mask, organic Dead Sea Salt scrub and sugar scrubs. Top off your relaxing bathing experience with organic, paraben free, non-toxic, soy based candles, lotions, and bath products. Proud to feature 90% products made locally or in the USA and a proud sponsor of Certified Fair Trade products. Gourmet finishing & infused sea salts from around the world, holiday, and special occasion gifts for everyone!


 I love to see people happy & healthy. I am a mother of three intelligent and beautiful children, they are loves of my life. I hope to contribute to a world that remains healthy, sustainable and supportive of all living creatures. I love to nurture by nature. As a Registered Nurse I am first and foremost a patient advocate, therefore want to advocate a life of balance and harmony for mind, body and soul. We need to be conscious about the products we purchase. I want to help people think about how they choose their products. For instance, we carry Fair Trade Salt Pearls, which support mother and children in the south of Africa. They are paid a living wage, so they can put food on the table.

By supporting organic, locally made products, we are ensuring are natural resources are not ruined with harmful chemicals, in return creates a healthy ecosystem and healthy local economy.
You should be able pronounce all ingredients in your food and in the products you put in and on your temple, your physical body. The waste, the containers and packaging, that is used to carry, protect and display those products, should be equally biodegradable. We can all make large and small decisions that will promote a more healthy future for our planet, children, animals and ourselves.

I have spent relentless hours of research and product trials with my wonderful supportive friends and family to bring you the highest quality, organic beauty, health and gift products.
I hope you enjoy them as much as we do and remember, to love the life you live! 



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